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Join Roman Torgovitsky in exploring secret strategies to maximize physiological, psychological, emotional, social, intellectual, and environment health, and increase lifespan.

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Giving Voice to the Top Experts

Thousands of scientists regularly make valuable discoveries. Some of these discoveries are converted to pharmacological treatments and find their way to physicians, changing the practice of clinical medicine and improving clinical outcomes. This process is supported by pharmaceutical companies that invest in marketing and distribution. 

Non-pharmacological research does not have powerful companies to support the translation from the science lab to the practice of clinical medicine. Some discoveries take decades to impact the clinical practice of medicine. Others fail to ever reach the clinical bench, they never benefit the general public and stay as publications in specialized scientific journals. 

Through the podcast, we want to give voice to the scientists and bring the cutting edge knowledge to the general public and the medical community.


Modern technology offers us unprecedented access to data and knowledge. Scientists spend decades researching and making discoveries in hundreds of deeply specialized fields. The number of articles published in scientific journals is overwhelming and the sheer amount of potentially useful newly generated knowledge makes it inaccessible to clinical physicians and the general public. There is a dire need for integrating the disparate elements into one whole. This is one of the primary aims of the podcast: to bring together top experts and move together towards integrating the knowledge to make it more useful and applicable to solving real-world health problems.  

Actionable and simple to consume content.

Our goal is to produce scientifically-based content that enriches not only physicians’ clinical practice but can also benefit the general public with practical and actionable knowledge.

Bringing forward the true experts: in science we trust

The rise of multiple social media platforms democratized communication. It became easy for non-experts to position themselves as opinion leaders acquiring millions of followers. At the same time, many of the true experts, scientists, and physicians stay in the background and are largely unknown to the general public. Thus, the concept of an expert is being depreciated on a daily basis. 

One of the most recent explorations of the phenomenon of misleading expertise is presented in a recent study published by Prof. Ioannidis and coauthors (1).  They analyzed 100 best selling books on nutrition and found wildly different and often contradictory advice provided in the books. 

The goal of the podcast is to give voice to the true experts and to clearly differentiate what science knows from what we do not yet know.

Creating a positive motivating environment

News are full of negative anxiety producing information….

Motivating and inspiring the new generation of high school, university, and medical students.

By producing engaging, actionable and useful for everyday life content that enriches our lives, we want to inspire the new generation of high school and university students to seek the path of greater health,  well-rounded well being, broadening interests and choices for the future profession. 

References: (1) Marton, R.M., Wang, X., Barabási, A.L. and Ioannidis, J.P., 2020. Science, advocacy, and quackery in nutritional books: an analysis of conflicting advice and purported claims of nutritional best-sellers. Palgrave Communications, 6(1), pp.1-6.

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